Opplevelser i Horten

En perle som er full av historie og skjønnhet, og gode opplevelser

Horten is a small town in Vestfold, Norway, that is often overlooked by tourists traveling along the coast.

But for those who take the time to explore, they will discover a gem filled with history and beauty. One of the most remarkable attractions in Horten is Karl Johans Vern, which served as the home port for the Norwegian Navy for nearly 150 years, from 1818 to 1967. It's history is closely tied to Norway's role as a maritime nation and has many fascinating stories to tell. The canal in the area is also worth a visit, providing a nice opportunity to watch the boats sail in and out of the harbor.

However, it's not just history that makes Horten worth a visit. The area is also home to a fantastic forest called Hortensskogen, which is filled with deciduous trees and beautiful trails. The forest is a perfect place for a relaxing walk or bike ride. Horten also has many beautiful buildings and architectural gems that are well worth a visit.

Lastly, for those who love to experience nature and maritime life up close, Horten offers many opportunities. One of the most popular activities is taking a trip on one of the local RIB boats which take you on an exciting journey along the coastline. Whatever you choose to do in Horten, you will be surprised by how much this little town has to offer.

Gode opplevelser i Horten.  Aktiviteter å gjøre i Horten

Accommodation and activities

Thon Hotel Horten

The hotel is located right by the harbor, and here we can have activities such as soapbox racing, iPad race, LOLympic games, film awards, Murder at the Hotel, or our mobile escape room Deadline, outdoors or indoors, all year round.