Bachelor/Bachelorette party

A maid of honor’s/best man’s dream. Let us help with the party.

Being asked to be a maid of honor is a great honor, but also often comes with the expectation of throwing a great party with the group.

Planning a successful bachelorette party with many different friends and family who may not know each other can be a big challenge.

Aktiviteter løser gjerne opp og er grunnlaget for god stemning og gode minner for livet.

We can offer fun and inclusive activities for bachelor/bachelorette parties, such as a RIB tour, go-kart racing, or an iPad race. Either as separate activities or as a combination to get the most out of your money.

RIB tour, action, and storytelling in the unique archipelago, sea spray or flat sea, where you can decide how much action you want.

Max 12 people per boat (we have 2 boats)
We have suits, vests, and other necessary safety equipment on board.
Price: 1.5 hours NOK 15,680 incl. VAT per boat
Then NOK 3,360 per 30 min incl. VAT.
If you meet us at Vallø (outside Tønsberg), we can also offer a one-hour tour for NOK 12,320 incl. VAT per boat.


Ribtur i skjærgården eller Oslofjorden.

Olabilrace, kombinasjonen av å lage noe sammen og så ha et race etterpå fungerer veldig bra som en «icebreaker».

Design, build, and race, we have all the materials, tools, and a good atmosphere that provide a perfect starting point for a perfect day for the bride/groom and man/maid of honor.

Minimum price NOK 16,000 incl. VAT,
Price per person NOK 750 if you are more than 20 people.

Soapbox racer derby

Back to childhood.

iPad race is a wonderful activity that can give the big kick to a bachelor/bachelorette party.

With customized tasks, photos, and videos created along the way, and the possibility of questions about the bride/groom, this provides a good foundation for the perfect day. We create the route together and ensure the opportunity to visit important places for the main person, such as the city, former residences, schools, bars or whatever it may be.

We edit and create a fun film that you can show either in the evening or at the wedding.
Minimum price is NOK 20,000 incl. VAT
Price per person NOK 750 if you are more than 20 people

iPad race

Treasure hunt with iPad.

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