You won't find a bigger BBQ experience - and you're unlikely to find anything like it!

Number of participants

50-1000 people


1.5 - 4 hours


All year round

Long cooking is part of the juicy result of American BBQ. First, the meat is lightly smoked using moist oak and birch for grilling, before adjusting the heat to get the crispy and flavorful surface.

Vi kan også stille med den røde pick-up’en fra 1950-tallet, og fylle lasteplanet med is for å skape en perfekt bar for kald drikke.

Suggested menu:
American BBQ menu; four types of meat - ribeye steak, pork neck, spare ribs with homemade BBQ sauce, and whole, large chickens served with various salads and homemade mashed potatoes made on-site with "grown-up" tools.

Alternative menus/additions: ancient-style rib roll, sliders with various accompaniments, and homemade sausages.

Period: All year round
Capacity: 50-1000 people

The offer includes rental of grill, equipment, rigging, cleaning up, chefs, BBQ menu, dessert and coffee, beverages (and possibly a liquor license), cutlery, plates, and napkins - and possibly rental of the pick-up.

We are not dependent on a kitchen - we bring everything we need and take everything with us after the meal.


Number of participants: 50-1000 people

Season: Year-round

Duration: 1.5 - 4 hours.

Other: It must be ice-free and warmer than -10 degrees Celsius

Can be arranged in Norwegian and English.

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