Paint and sip

Engaging team-building with brush and acrylic paint – indoors or outdoors. Paint and sip is a sure winner!

Number of participants

10-100 people


1.5 hours


All year round

A sure winner! We challenge the participants' creativity and ability to convey a message visually.

Our professional instructors are ready with easels, canvases, paint, brushes, and Alpine berets. We start with a short introduction to painting, technique, and expression. We assign 2 to 4 people per easel, making it easier for the participants to get started. Our instructors guide and motivate the participants along the way.

We agree on a suitable theme in advance, preferably chosen from the conference or company, whether it's a challenge, a vision, or another relevant topic. Our instructors evaluate the works afterwards and prepare for the award ceremony. We select some teams to give a brief presentation of their work to the rest of the group. Awards are given to the best teams.

The activity can take place indoors or outdoors, at the hotel or in another suitable venue nearby, preferably as an aperitif before dinner.


Number of participants: 10-100 people

Number per team: 2-4 people

Season: All year round

Duration: 1.5 hours, including introduction and conclusion

Other: Can be held anywhere

Can be arranged in Norwegian and English.

Equipment and safety

Adapted to the individual assignment and desired level of difficulty

We bring first aid equipment to all events.

Success criteria


Informal competition in unusual surroundings

Varied tasks that challenge in different ways, practical, theoretical, and logical.

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