Exotic places

Our beautiful coastline and archipelago consist of many well-known and lesser-known places.

Exotic gems that must be experienced.

We have access to a variety of these gems and are happy to show them to you. How about spending the night in a decommissioned lighthouse, enjoying a delicious fish soup in a boathouse, or taking in the view at Færder?

As a final touch to the event, our chef can provide delicious food and drinks, good stories, and lasting memories.

The Gems:

Fulehuk Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located at the entrance to Tønsberg, just outside Bolærne. In the old lighthouse tower, you can enjoy the view of Færder Lighthouse, the horizon where the sky and sea merge, and all the large boats in the Oslo Fjord. The lighthouse itself has 14 beds spread over 6 rooms, as well as 12 beds in the boathouse on the pier.

A spectacular experience when autumn storms rip through the walls and roof, and waves crash over the mountain.

Well suited for smaller groups who want to experience a lot.

The Boathouse

Our boathouse is located on Bjerkøy, right next to Nøtterøy. Here, you can enjoy the late evening sun and bonfires on the beach. The boathouse has room for 30 people inside, and we supplement with tents if more space is needed.

A large grassy field for activities such as volleyball, football, soapbox racer derby, or pentathlon. A maritime atmosphere that will give you good memories, guaranteed.

Færder Lighthouse

Perhaps Norway's most famous lighthouse. Most people have only sailed past and not been on land. The lighthouse was abandoned in 2004 and is now part of Færder National Park. We often stop by and show off the lighthouse and tell stories, serve fish soup, or just some good drinks.

There is currently work underway to provide overnight accommodation for up to 10 people on Færder, and we are eagerly awaiting the result.

Svenner Lighthouse

At the entrance to Stavern and Larvik, there is a completely unique lagoon, with shiny rocks, sheltered coves, and beautiful sandy beaches.

We also have access to a boathouse on Svenner, with the possibility of making some good food and delicious drinks. There are about 20 beds available on Svenner.

Persian Party Tent

Authentic Persian party tent that is an incredibly cool backdrop for various celebrations and themed parties.

It can be set up for 70 people, recommended for about 50. The tent itself is 6 * 10 meters, about 4 meters under the roof, with an atmosphere that is incredible. Of course, we have furniture and accessories to set "the right frame" and atmosphere for the party itself.


We have access to a variety of cabins throughout the Oslo Fjord with beds for 2-30 guests. They are popular, so it pays to be early to get a spot. Simple standard but with a lot of charm and history in the walls.

They are well suited for self-catering or we can take care of the entire experience.

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