Deadline - The Mobile Escape Room

13 digits, 3 attempts, 1 hour.

Number of participants

10 - 1000 people


1.5 hours


All year round

All you have is a suitcase and its contents. Can you crack the codes left by the villain? Can you prevent the server from being decrypted?

The IT manager has been caught selling the company's secrets, putting their reputation at risk. Before he was fired, he started decrypting the server, which will make it unusable and spread all the company secrets online.

The only way to prevent this is to crack the codes and find the password that will stop the whole operation.

Deadline takes you on an intense and exciting investigation, where all senses are engaged. Cooperation and engagement are two factors that really come into play during this stressful and sometimes frustrating hour.

Do you accept the challenge?


Number of participants: 10-1000 people

Number per team: 5-8 people

Season: All year round

Duration: 1.5 hours, including introduction and conclusion

Other: Can be held anywhere

Can be arranged in Norwegian and English.

Equipment and safety

Adapted to the individual assignment and desired level of difficulty

We bring first aid equipment to all events.

Success criteria


Informal competition in unusual surroundings

Varied tasks that challenge in different ways, practical, theoretical, and logical.

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