Amazing Race

It's time for a conference, and the destination is a few hours away. Why make the transportation tiring and boring?

Number of participants

20 – 600


4 – 10 hours


All year round

With Amazing Race, the transportation itself becomes a game, where everyone arrives at the destination full of energy and with a smile on their face.  

Amazing Race starts where you are. Using an iPad, each group must find their way to the first task while we take care of the luggage. Whether by car, public transport, bike, or on foot, all modes of transportation are possible. The app on the iPad will provide codes and clues along the way that you must solve to find your way. Logical, practical, and theoretical tasks require creativity, imagination, and teamwork from the groups to solve them as best as possible.  

You will also be challenged to sing and dance along the way, and we will put this together into a cool movie that will be shown during the evening award ceremony.  

A perfect start to your stay! 


Number of participants: 20-600

Number per group: 6-10 people

Season: Year-round

Duration: 4 - 10 hours.

Other: As a means of transportation, you can use private cars, rental cars, public transport, boats, or helicopters.

Can be arranged in Norwegian and English.

Equipment and safety

We always prioritize safety, this event can be done without any form of risk.

We have first aid equipment with us at all events

Success criteria

Engaging, innovative, motivating, and competitive

Suitable for everyone, both theoreticians and practitioners

Different courses, so that people cannot follow each other

Photos and videos along the way are guaranteed to exercise the laughter muscles.

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