• Viking event
    Muligheten til å være ombord i et ekte vikingskip

Take part in history


An everyday experience from the Viking Age…

The ships are finally finished and set placed on water, it has been a long and hard winter. The longing to get out gets bigger and bigger as the days get longer and longer.

In the year 730 AD local king Øystein Halvdansson Fret and his men prepare for a larger expedition. The crops have failed and therefore there is almost no food. They are working hard to make the ship and crew ready for travelling. Row training, exercises in maneuvering a large boat, combat training, provisioning etc. There are many things that the servants must remember to do.

Today travel loving Norwegians are much like the Vikings. Vestfold has several unique discoveries from the Viking Age, Viking ship Osberg, many burial mounds and banquet halls.

Join us to experience what it was like to be a real Viking. Row along with the Oseberg ship, be challenged in a “viking battle” on Slottsfjellet, or sit down to eat a good meal in the Banquet Hall.


If you wish to walk in the footsteps of the Vikings in the archipelago and have limited time, we recommend the book “Viking-RIB”.



Practical information

Number of participants: 10-40 guests

Season: year-round

Duration: 2-6 hours

Other: Row with the Oseberg ship near Tønsberg

Food: Can be combined with the serving of “Vikingfood”

Utstyr og sikkerhet

Equipment and Safety

We have the necessary navigation equipment, VHF etc. aboard

We bring First aid equipment to all our events.

Before departure we will have a safety briefing and go through the various tasks aboard.

We have developed our own Health, Environment and Safety regulations, which are also approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.


Success criteria

Experience history

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