Soap Box Derby

  • Teambuilding event
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Back to the childhood

This is an activity that engages and awakens many memories. Here, there are challenges for both thinkers and doers. Who makes a car that can participate in all races? Who designs the “toughest” vehicle?

All cars will participate in the competition in two different classes:
– Fastest car and driver.
– “Pimp my Ride”. We will award the coolest car.

We will have some packets ready for you that will consist of:
Materials, tools, wheels, spray paint, driving suit and helmet.

You will design and build a soap box derby car and race against each other. You race against each other two by two, until we only have two Soap Box Cars remaining in the big finale. Then there will be a prize ceremony were we hand out Champagne for the winner. We provide tents, “speakers” and music.

We have arranged our races on parking lots, in parks, on beaches, out on islands and in storehouses. There have been more than 4800 guests both from Norway and abroad.



Practical information

Number of participants: 10-1000 people

Number per time: 6-10

Season: Year-round, in the winter we can also supply mini skis instead of wheels.

Time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Other: Need a flat location.

Utstyr og sikkerhet

Equipment and Safety

We provide tools, cordless drills and materials.

All drivers have to wear helmets.

The race is located on a smaller area with limited speed to avoid damages.

We bring first aid equipment to all our events.


Success criteria

Engaging, competition and much laughter.

More than 4,000 satisfied attendees.

Make a show and circus.

Suitable for “everyone” both thinkers and doers.