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Regatta In the archipelago

All onboard uses sailboats as an arena for nurturing relationships, improve communication, coaching, teamwork and building relationships. Learning – mastering – experience – expertise – relationships!

We are interdependent and must find ways to exploit ‘the market’ in the form of wind, waves and waters best. Everyone will be in the same boat with the possibilities and limitations this gives.

A good arena for aligning the crew and to build good relationships.

We can provide many identical 40 feet sailboats. All with a skilled local guide/mentor on board to direct you safely in all that needs to be done. Here you will get the opportunity to participate at all levels, hoist sails, set out the course and lay out a strategy to beat the competition.

If you wish, we can supply more boats to the regatta, this is guaranteed to provide a high pulse and adrenaline rush amongst all. Potential trigger for competitive instincts…

Our sailing area is the entire Oslo Fjord with Kragerø in the west, Skagen and Gothenburg in the south.

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Practical information

Number of participants: 10-100

Number per boat: 5-8, maximum 10.

Season: From April to October

Duration: From 3 hours to 2 days, also night sailing if desired.

Other: Sailing trip or regatta.

Utstyr og sikkerhet

Equipment and Safety

Everyone will get a survival suit and lifejacket

We have the necessary navigation equipment, VHF etc. aboard

Before departure we will have a safety briefing and go through the various tasks aboard.

We have developed our own Health, Environment and Safety regulations, which are also approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Escort boat is recommended when we have more than 3 sailboats.


Success criteria

Good and enthusiastic skippers

Invites you to full participation, also for totally inexperienced guests

Similar boats with similar sails, different crew and cooperation

Engaging and perhaps the best arena for real teambuilding

Many synergies which can be drawn directly over into a work context