• Teambuilding
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Exciting Tasks

Activities on land that engages and brings forth the best individual performance. Creativity, cooperation and good communication are key words to solve the challenges.

The guests are separated into groups of 6-10 members. Maximum allowed time on each task depends on how much time we have overall and there is a joint exercise in the end.

We tailor the challenges after your requests, but we have a few proven favorites you can choose between.

Here are some suggestions for “Pentathlon”:

Stepstone, Here you will jump on “rocks in the stream” with added obstacles.

The Elf King, who will build the smartest “bridge” whom the whole group will utilize?

Tarzan Trail, a challenge in the trees where your laughter muscles gets to express themselves.

Logistics, who is the best to recognize the logical pattern in moving numbered items?

Irish Christmas Eve, joint exercise where you will run a relay race with a twist.

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Practical information

Number of participants: 10 – 500 people

Participants per team: 5 – 10 people

Season: All year round

Time duration: 2 – 4 Hours

Utstyr og sikkerhet

Equipment and safety

Will be brought depending on the task and wanted difficulty level.

We will always bring first aid on all events.


Success criteria


Informal competition in unfamiliar surroundings

Diverse tasks that challenges in different ways, practically, theoretically and logically