Guarantee of delivery


So that you will be satisfied

For us at All onboard, it is important that our guests are confident that we can implement an event as planned. We have over 15 years experience in hosting events of varying sizes, contents and complexities.

There are some things we can’t control such as weather. We therefore have predefined limits for how much wind and waves we can still operate on the various destinations.

Our delivery guarantee means we can provide for an exciting event no matter how the weather and such will look like with our timeframe and budget. If it turns out that we cannot complete what is on the scheduled (so far, we have only had to cancel one out of 1200 events) we will then propose an alternative arrangement at no extra cost to you.

Our goal is that you as a decision maker should feel safe and informed throughout the entire process from ordering – planning – implementation – evaluation.
Then we know that you are happy and satisfied customers who hopefully will come back year after year.