Film crew


Movie star for a day

Be both in front and behind the camera. Together we create commercials, parodies with themes like “thinking 50 years ahead”.

We provide cameras, props and help to edit the film. It is amazing to see how this engages everyone to participate in various ways. Showing the films with some nice dinner will guarantee to provide for good entertainment in the evening.

By dividing into smaller groups of 6-8 people, we can ensure that many people are involved both as an actor, cameraman, director or responsible for the costumes. In this crew we will work together in a fun and different way than what you are used to. Humor, cooperation and creativity are some of the things we want you to discover in a new and higher level.

Our experience is that such types of exercises challenge the individual in new surroundings. You will learn more about yourself and your colleagues when you have to let yourself loose.

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Practical information

Number of participants: 10-40 people

Number per group: 5-10 people

Season: year-round

Duration: 3-4 hours

Other: We will do the editing and effects and help with how the film can be built up.

Utstyr og sikkerhet

Equipment and Safety

Digital Camcorder

Props of various kinds


Success criteria

One of our success criteria is to engage participants in different ways, where cooperation, creativity and expression are important.

This task requires the whole crew to cooperate well together.