Exotic Places

  • Spisested skjærgård

Pearls along the coast line

Our beautiful coastal line consists of many known and lesser known locations. We have access to a whole range of these pearls and would be happy to show them to you. How about an overnight stay at an abandoned light house, eat a good fish soup in a boat house or enjoy the view at Færder.

As the iceing on the cake, our chef can dish up some delicious food and beverages, good stories and memories that last.


The Pearls:

Fulehuk fyr

This light house is located at the seaward approach to Tønsberg, right outside Bolærne. In the old light house you may enjoy the view to Færder, the horizon where the sky and ocean merges. The light house itself holds 14 beds in six rooms, plus 12 beds in the boathouse on the pier.

Well suited for a smaller group that is hungry for adventure.


Our boat house is located at Bjerkøy, close to Nøtterøy. Here there is evening sun and relaxation around the bonfire along the beach. The house can accommodate 30 people inside and we’ll add tents if there’s a need for more space.

There is a great big lawn for activities such as volleyball, football, “Soap Box Derby”or “Pentathlon”. A Maritime feel that gives you great memories.

Færder fyr

Maybe Norway’s most famous light house. Most has passed by, but never set ashore. The Light House was abandoned in 2004 and is today a part of the “Færder National Park”. We often visit and show off the light house and tell stories, serve fish soup or maybe just something good to drink.

We’re working on a permit for overnight stays of up to 10 people at Færder, we eagerly await.

Svenner Fyr

By the seaward approach to Stavern and Larvik lays a totally unique lagoon, with smooth rocks, sheltered bays and lovely sand beaches. We also have access to a boat house at Svenner, with opportunity to make good food and beverages. There is about 20 places to sleep at Svenner.

Persisk partytelt
Persian Party tent

A real persian party tent that is an amazing location for different celebrations and themed parties. You can fit 70 people, comfortably about 50. The tent itself is 6 x 10 meters, around 4 meters to the roof with an incredible atmosphere. We will of course supply all the necessary furniture and accessories to set the right mood.

Download info about our Persian Party Tent


We have access to a range of cabins along the Oslo fjord with beds to 2 – 30 guests. These are popular so it pays off to order early. The living conditions are simple, but all the more charm and history in the walls. Is well suited for easy living or we can take care of the whole delivery.