• Vestfold aktivitet

There is a great variety of beautiful places to visit in our unique Norwegian nature. From our coast line to high mountains and deep valleys. Here in the eastern part of Norway we have a totally coast line which is in a class by itself. However, it’s easy to forget and not take advantage of this.

We have to of the coastal line national parks in the outer parts of the Oslo fjord.

Get to know the hidden places and histories, visit a light house or let yourself be hypnotized by the sound of the ocean and of gulls.

What all our activities has in common is that we will come where you are to minimize extra transit and waiting. If there is a boatyard nearby, we’ll find it. If you want experiences on land, we will find a suitable place close by.

If you are looking for a place to sleep, we have good contacts in all price ranges. Everything from simple tents and cabins to apartments and hotels.