City Race

  • Teambuilding Vestfold

A Game of clues with an iPad Mini

Innovative, challenging and unifying. Solve tasks together with colleagues in an informal and fun setting.

Show your customers, colleagues and partners that you are current. Each group are given their own iPad Mini, with a custom made app that shows you the way.

Assignments of all kinds are spread throughout the location.

The guests will be given teams to compete against each other (in an urban environment), where logical, practical and theoretical challenges await. Many of them are solved?? directly in the app, by e.g. taking pictures of filming, but on other exercises the team will have to solve physical challenges to earn points.

The game is tailored for each customer. We end the day with an award show.

Also consider adding elements like RIB boats, “Soap Box Derby”or helicopter as these will go well with the activity.

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Practical Information

Number of participants: 20 – 250 people

Participants per team: 5 – 8 people

Season: All year round

Time duration: 2 – 4 hours

Other: Customize type of exercises and level of difficulty

Utstyr og sikkerhet

Equipment and safety

We always have safety as the number one priority. All this can be performed without risk.

We always bring first aid to all our events.


Success criteria

Engaging, innovative, motivating and competitive

Exciting for all kinds of people, both practical and theoretical

Different routes, this way not all teams follow each other around.

Film and photo underway guarantees training your laughter muscles