Bachelor Party

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A best man’s dream

Have you been asked to be best man?
Looking for something exciting to do?

We have a special menu, filled with various activities, all with their own rates for bachelor parties.

Want speed and excitement or enjoyment and pleasure, we have something to suit all tastes. Please contact us or download more information, to see more about what we can offer and what might fit your group.



Practical information

Number of participants: 6-30 guests

Season: year-round

Duration: 2-5 hours

Other: Activities customizable to bride/grooms personality

Utstyr og sikkerhet

Equipment and Safety

Modern tried and proven activities

We have developed our own Health, Environment and Safety regulations, which are also approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

We bring First aid equipment to all our events.


Success criteria

Become better acquainted with friends and guests of the bride and groom

Committed employees