About us

All onboard

We have been a supplier of great experiences and memories since 1999. Over these years we have gained a broad experience of what works best and what it will take for you our customer to be satisfied. We also have a great contact network that is required to offer you a complete event, without any extra surcharges for us to provide that.

To us safety is a top priority. That means we only have certified skippers, updated safety equipment and above all people should feel and be safe.


We are specialized on events in Vestfold. But we deliver events at sea and on land throughout Eastern Norway. In the entire oslofjord, from the Swedish border unto Kragerø, we arrange where you are.

If you ask us about where it would be best to travel at sea, our answer will be Norways one of a kind, Færder National Park. A Unique archipelago with much history and fascinating islands, this makes it an experience our guests remember.

Success criteria

– Modern equipment of good quality

– Motivated employees who love to provide that little extra

– Good planning and following up of the event

– Tried and proven activities and destinations

– Trips and events are customized to the guests needs.

Guarantee of delivery

All onboard has a guarantee of delivery on all our events.

Guaranteeing the events to be carried out professionally.

If the event can’t be carried out because of safety reasons, we will in consultation with the client offer an alternative place and/or activity. We deliver something that works.

For us safety comes first, but as long as it is safe, we are conducting.


The people you will meet::

Pål Windingstad

Is a trained helicopter pilot and works in sales and carries out various events both at sea and on land. Paul loves a good story and gladly shares it gladly with our guests.

Arne Georg2
Arne Georg Rønning

Owner and general manager of All onboard. Works in sales, facilitation and execution of all types of events. One of Arne Georg’s greatest commitments is always to provide great customer service.

Richard Dahl

Is our handyman with a smile and a good mood. Richard conducts events on land and also moves the boats. He also has the ability to keep many balls in the air simultaneously.


Terje Authen

Works with sales and conducts events on land, soap box derbies, TopTarget and Pentathlon. Terje loves to ski and besides that he is very focused on details.

Arne Fredrik
Arne Fredrik Næss

Project manager and responsible for the activities on land. Works both with sales, web and Facebook. Arne Fredrik always has good solutions and a pleasant smile.

Haakon Seeberg

Knows the archipelago, working both as RIB and sailing skipper. In his spare time Haakon volunteers on a rescue boat.